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October 16, 2013
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Blinking Cat Icon - free use by Spectrolite


pambi by Lara-1992Ink stain by T-BrotherErkanmatik 2013 05 by ErkanKalenderli

<da:thumb id="213690877"/>Kadaj Pinup by IllyDragonflyRelax~ by Gallynette

Kevin's a Girl by time-warrior<da:thumb id="405340122"/><da:thumb id="407404215"/>
Tunisia 4 19... by Kitsch1984Doughie Slowly Falling Asleep by brighteyesgal  Doughie Spots Something Outside by brighteyesgal
Kenzi is 1 1/2 Years Old! by TheMan268
Black Cat by Valdis108Lounge II by MarinaCoricSpotted by the Cute! by bowtiephotography
Dishwashing Service by MissSpocksA fly! by surrealistic-gloomLittle One 2 by jankolas
I am the Winner by vabserkCurious kittens by jankolasGorgeous Puss. by The-WrinklyNinja
pink baby dreams by Meow-pics
daisy in a bad mood by analovecatdog  Fizzy 13 by jennystokes  My_Way_Into_Neverland by BlueAnomiS
cats of Dubrovnik 12 by lightdrafter
upside charlie the world looks better upside down by analovecatdogMeow :3 (improved version) by Agetiankittens posing for the camera by analovecatdog
Double trouble by phoebe-johnsonHug by wulfilaCasa Cainelui: Little Lions by KaineHillPhotography
Hello Jussi! by Meow-pics

Passerby by cheslah  Street cat by MustafaSEZER
Fanta by Mr-RipleyInvisible Ladder by wazabeesBengal Cat Eyes by BrookeDibble
Cleo by FreyaPhotos  Igor by FerBarchettaPepsi by Mr-Ripley
Pals by clippercarrillo  Rascal Relaxing by edwardvbMidnight Muse by TeaPhotography
Little cat by Tiefenschaerfe
Rex Needs A Hug by edwardvbMy Own Richard Parker by TeaPhotographyWhat's for diner by edwardvb
Angel With Whiskers by 33M  Cat-hug 4 by Minipia  For Poupine.... by Tigles1Artistry
Togetherness by TeaPhotographyIf I stare at it long enough... by FurLined Twice Surviving and Thriving by TeaPhotography
Speaking with my Eyes by TeaPhotography

interesting by ikersanovaMy Spot by MarinaCoricSay Hello kitty by Sblourg

Cruel Morgana of Simba Iceberg by Katrin-ElizabethHello Poupine by Tigles1ArtistryOrange as October by TeaPhotography

Cat for Jocelyne by jankolas  Sekmeth portrait by PaVet-Photography  <da:thumb id="204989630"/>
A Princess........ by Tigles1Artistry
 344 by evy-and-cats II by MustafaDedeogLu
<da:thumb id="398776272"/> Sweet Gardener by ZoranPhoto oops~!! by kimerajam
Just taking a walk by Kurotenshi19

Digital Art

In a World of My Own by ThreshTheSky

Elysian Feline by ThreshTheSkytravel around the world by bemainBrown cat - comission by SabakuNoShi

<da:thumb id="399343384"/>  King of the Jungle by Mizu-no-Akira

Playing with sand by QuantenZielCats gif by Julia-Kisteneva<da:thumb id="399346044"/>

Cute Cat by TheGalleryOfEveKitty Fun By Elizara66 by Elizara66130918 Cat clean up! by renatetf

Flashback by Lemmy-X

Spring Cat by Ruskatukka  Limbo cat by HeliacWolf  Happy BD Lemmy by marthig

Hell Bell by QuantenZiel Gato Mistico by Glu-Mii Under The Surface by Mizu-no-Akira

Santa Watch-Xmas in the Air by marthigCat's Soul by RHADSCute Cat Wallpaper  For a Special Friend by PaMonk

To A Place With No Windows To Hold You Back by FeebyNeko

<da:thumb id="355761372"/>  Blackbird Commission by pyro-helfier  Cat by zvepywka

Yume Nikki Mall Cat by Marahauwu  Let Me In - To Your Heart by FeebyNeko  Kitten: Where's My Mooncake by qqClare

Alicia-Tag 2 by Minipia

Cat-my first digital PAINTING by lihnida  HI DAD..... by Tigles1Artistry  World Cat Day 2013 by poserfan

Hey there Beautiful by LordDoomhammer  for what i want i can wait-- by jabberholic

Little Cat Family For Jocelyner by PaMonk

Little kitten by MisterSev7n  Mitzi by Grunnet  Who? Me? by Stygma

Mothwing by Blaukralle  Himalayan_Blue Eyes by lovelyfantasy

Traditional Art

Happy Halloween 2013 by LenaZLairwe'll keep a light on by CapnSkusting

Mikeydog meets Heathercat by essencestudios  Holding Up the Stars by Spectrolite  Charly the Great by StarlightsMarti

Tha Hunting Trophy by jolabrodnicaBlack cat for Jocelyne by DanaAnderson

Kittens in Window by DanMcManis  Poupi by h-i-l-e-x  Cat in a Hat by DanMcManis

RAHAT.. by MeralSariogluLeeloo, sage reine mere by JessicaSansiquet

Catville by Stardust-Splendor

Fluffy Baby for Jocelyne by philippeL Silent Hunter -Ballpoint- by Cindy-R Child and Kitty by philippeL

Rouge poisson by MeralSarioglu   The Cat Mob by Stardust-Splendor

Gato by diegoraLittle Ginger by Sarahharas07Kitties by danuta50

Will I be Forever Alone? oil painting by borda

Hollys Garden 2 Happy Birthday Holly!!! by essencestudios  blackcat by paulee1

Poupine by philippeL  Meow by ChristinaMandyMindy by phoebe-johnson

Biscuit the Kitten by ShanghaiSarah  Cat by TeSzuCat and Butterfly 2 by TeSzu

Woman - Cat- by MeralSarioglu

Cat Underground. Black Edition by ilonaxxx thirst by szog88 Autumn by Spectrolite

  Kiti by danuta50Black Kitten snoozing by art-it-art

Perser Kittens by Yankeestyle94

CLOCK WATCHING CATS by ulyferalHerberts Garden by essencestudios

Black Cat and Robin by art-it-art  Abyssinian Cat by philippeLGoodbye my Angel by TigresaDaina 

The Stalker II by philippeL  The Black Side by Hoydadi  Cat next part by TeSzu

Bailey by AmandaSpaidTuxedo Cat in Garden by art-it-art Eyes On The Prize by Laurasshadesofgrey

Celestial Feline by Dandy-Jon Beastandbacon by essencestudios  Celestial Cat by barbosaart  

Cat by Ilojleen  Matisse - FLAT OUT (1st Version) - Pastel by AstridBruning <da:thumb id="383091291"/>

Jezebelle - Acrylic Painting by AstridBruning

Artisan - Craft

Cat-O-log-O-Round.... by Tigles1Artistry

Friendship Rings by TeaPhotographyI'm scared by Missorys Cat-O-Log ....Lovely Eyes... by Tigles1Artistry

love by bemain Funny Siamese Cat Glass Tea Mug by Hope555Coffeebomb by essencestudios

<da:thumb id="359292494"/> <da:thumb id="397920132"/> Cat-O-Log....Happy... by Tigles1Artistry

Nemuneko family by Keila-the-fawncat last part by pegfan Movitz in Sculpey by seirenwinter

Supertinyboxkitty by essencestudios

I do not feel good... by Missorys Lolly rose feline by Keila-the-fawncat Puppycat by rinchansflower88

Gypsum totem by VattukattCute Animal Cameo Necklaces by MonsterBrandCrafts

2 Pudgie Wudgie Kittehs by WhimzicalWhizkerz Java Sculpture by Traume7 part2 by pegfan

  3 little pudgie kittehs by WhimzicalWhizkerz   Here Kitty Kitty Cat Lovers by TeaPhotography

Wolf and Paw- framed pendant by TaksArt  Cat Nouveau - NOW FOR SALE by amegoddess

Moggy modeling again4 by braindeadmystuff   Mommy And Baby by cellsdividing Moggy modeling again4 by braindeadmystuff

Cat Scan by HarLeezPix


Marie by KmyGraphic
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AstridBruning Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013
thanks Jocelyn for including my work in this beautiful feature on cats :iconpussycat::iconshinyheartplz:
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Cats rule.
Lovely Journal Jocelyne and thank you for adding Fizzy.
Big hugs
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Thank you so much for the feature! :hug:
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:iconhappycatfaceplz::iconthankyoububble: Thank you so much! Suberb collection!! :iconclappingplz:
DanaAnderson Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
Lovely show, Jocelyne! Thank you very much for the feature!
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You are so very welcome! :hug:
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