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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 17, 2016, 10:44 PM


:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:

Another long overdue journal.

Featured Artists


Fresh Fallin' VI by Trippy4U   In All The Hurry by Trippy4U


Every step by Nao1967   Sunday morning,cloudy,take a walk by Nao1967


The Cliffs Of Moher by Pajunen  Snowy Rowboat by Pajunen


Untitled by Placi1  Dsw-1 by Placi1


For Nathalie by Sisterslaughter165  In A Dream by Sisterslaughter165


Pure joy by awesome43   Singing and dancing in the rain. by awesome43


The Soul by MrsGraves  Behind Lilies by MrsGraves


Sweethearts by saperlipop  Remembrance by saperlipop


Beach by ladyjudina  Milky way - animation by ladyjudina


A bit of snow on top of common hogweed. by Bermiro  Sunny day in the forest in the color. by Bermiro


mixed roses drawing by loreleft27   the unicorns of voran's canyon by loreleft27


Morty the Magician by TeaPhotography   Be Unique, Be Yourself by TeaPhotography


Starry Night by LindArtz  SunFlowers and Love  by LindArtz


Water reflection by miirex  Mountains valley by miirex


The lights are on... by DarkRiderDLMC  Hook, becalmed by DarkRiderDLMC


Gifrt For surrealistic-gloom Flower Orb (updated ) by PaMonk  Lets Make Believe (updated ) by PaMonk


FIRE DANCE... by Tigles1Artistry  A TREE FOR YOU ALL.... by Tigles1Artistry


Wonderment by CRGPhotography  Peach Sherbert by CRGPhotography


Lovable by DDimitri16   Faithful by DDimitri16  


Anita Ekberg - Feeling romantic by subhankar-biswas   Gillian Anderson quick sketch by subhankar-biswas


Freedom Monument 24 by BillyNikoll  The Beauty of Creation by BillyNikoll   


The prowler.....    by TriciaS by TriciaS  Open up your heart..... by TriciaS


View of Tutocanula Pass by RMS-OLYMPIC   A Baby at Christmas by RMS-OLYMPIC


All Santa Wants After Christmas by Mr-Ripley   A Long Walk Home by Mr-Ripley


Herald of Spring by sesam-is-open   Kaleidoscope by sesam-is-open


 Elena by Jassy2012  Horses by Jassy2012


Between life and death:The entrapment.. by chryssalis   PREMONITION... by chryssalis


Que Viva la Vida by purr3sunshinepocket  Hold your colour by purr3sunshinepocket


Autumn vs. Winter by LewiARTs   Crocusmania_1 by LewiARTs


Gypsy Day by ArthurRamsey  Moment in Time by ArthurRamsey


Wrap Your Arms Around Me by catch---22  long long way... by catch---22


dog commission by ADRIANSportraits   Hung over skinhead commission by ADRIANSportraits


Blue Reflections by NunoPires  Fisherman by NunoPires


GALACTIC SMOKER by CarlosHurtadoSoriano  THE STREET MARKET by CarlosHurtadoSoriano


ADEL by m-gosia  Reverie by m-gosia


Adorable Kitten in the Sun by philippeL  Horse Head by philippeL

  I Love You by Florhalie

Bouquet by KmyGraphic

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 9, 2015, 12:20 AM


:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:

A long over due feature of Watchers and Friends. The next feature should come soon. Thank you so much for your kind support! :heart:

Featured Artists

Distinctive by creativemikey  Decipher by creativemikey

Eternal Beauty..... by Tigles1Artistry  Stillness at Sunrise... by Tigles1Artistry

Curcurbutace by Florhalie  Spirale by Florhalie

M Y _ T I M E by BlueAnomiS  Tiny Under The Sun by BlueAnomiS

* Window Art* by Delice1941  *Colourful Moments* 1 by Delice1941

BORN IN A CAGE.. by chryssalis  PRESERVED.. by chryssalis

HERE I AM by LewiARTs  Spring blossoms by LewiARTs

Kastoria City V by BillyNikoll  Umbrella Revolution by BillyNikoll

Birth Day  by LindArtz  Butterfly Fairy   by LindArtz

Sweet Memories From The Past by sesam-is-open  A Letter In Another Language by sesam-is-open

T a j g e r, chillin' by panna-poziomka  violet+flowers by panna-poziomka

Sunshine in your life. by awesome43  From the heart by awesome43

Sleepy Kitty by philippeL  Touch of Purity by philippeL

All  The Way Up by TeaPhotography  Cut Out All The Ropes.. by TeaPhotography

176. Cosmic inspirations - Starfruit by Erozja  124. Magic Fairies - water drop by Erozja

Brighton 4 May 21 2015 by analillithbar  Hippy Hearts for Flower Children by analillithbar

Rock House 2015 Albuquerque, NM BW by ArthurRamsey  Sweetie Go to Bed Its Just Your Imagination by ArthurRamsey

Is Because... by Arhar  Like a dance or like a battle by Arhar

Flowers delivery by VasiDgallery  Backlight by VasiDgallery

Les Amoureux by saperlipop  Alien No. 604 by saperlipop


I'm not a Sleep I'm a Goose by CRGPhotography  Faith by CRGPhotography

Prey by subhankar-biswas  Sharon Stone by subhankar-biswas

Tuck your chin in by GorgeousWreck  Buds by GorgeousWreck

Oriental Tulip -asurf pong10- by poca2hontas  Overgrowth -asurf pong 8- by poca2hontas

White satin by WJPphotography  A moment of rest by WJPphotography

Timeless Moment in Winter by RMS-OLYMPIC  SS America and the World Trade Center- Commission by RMS-OLYMPIC

Curious Cape Bulbul by MaresaSinclair  Day lily by MaresaSinclair

  Water sparks by Andorada

  Magical Blue by Jassy2012

Happy Tuesday for my watchers friends by DDimitri16  a world full of love by DDimitri16

Sailing away by marthig  Crystalline Gold Cubes by marthig

Peek-a-boo by TheRafflesia  Warm boquet by TheRafflesia

plant b/w by st2wok  Devil's Bridge by st2wok

You've Got A Friend by Mr-Ripley  Mischief by Mr-Ripley

Winter Brook by Pajunen  Dusk at the Lake by Pajunen

Spring Awakening 6 by ladyjudina  Just a memory by ladyjudina

Snow Flowered Reminiscences XII by Trippy4U  When Our Blues Turn To Red by Trippy4U

  I Love You by Florhalie

Bouquet by KmyGraphic

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Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2014, 5:29 PM


:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:

Richard, a talented artist and a gentleman.

:star: :icontrippy4u::star:

Some of his amazing pictures:

Featured Artists

Five In Five V by Trippy4U

Mourning Love by Trippy4U  Shades Of Spring by Trippy4U

Somewhere by Trippy4U  Colder In NY Than A Well-Digger's Ass In Alaska by Trippy4U

Perilous Affections by Trippy4U

Euphony by Trippy4U  Day Tonight by Trippy4U

A Temporary Leave Of Your Senses by Trippy4U

Dead Trees Never Grow by Trippy4U  We're Still Here...Waiting by Trippy4U

 Where Babies Come From by Trippy4U  A Forgotten Future by Trippy4U
Land Of The Free by Trippy4U

This-Illusion by Trippy4U  Fare Thee Well Summer...Till Next We Meet by Trippy4U

Toon Town by Trippy4U

A Gray Day by Trippy4U  Pee Wee by Trippy4U

To Our Love Forever...But Things Change by Trippy4U  Body Talkin' by Trippy4U

Swim by Trippy4U

Men's Soccer by Trippy4U  Baseball III by Trippy4U

  Field Hockey by Trippy4U

  JV Girls Soccer by Trippy4U

A Space Within by Trippy4U

Bilateral Junction by Trippy4U  Tip Of My Cap by Trippy4U

Blue Jeans On A Saturday Night by Trippy4U  An American Dream Fading by Trippy4U 

Indifferent Differences by Trippy4U

Woeful Friday by Trippy4U  A House Is Not A Home by Trippy4U

The Essense That Is You by Trippy4U

With my best wishes for the upcoming year, dear Richard! 

For Surrealistic-gloom by Florhalie

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 10:13 PM


:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:


:heart: The meaning of this feature is to show up the superb gifts
and Dedications I have received and to feature some works from
these awesome artists. I want to thank each of these persons for
their kindness and thoughtfulness which have touched me so very
much! :heart:

In chronological order:


Happy Birthday sweet Jocelyne by jennystokes

My pain! by jennystokes  Peace and Reconciliation by jennystokes
  Octopus Island by jennystokes
Woody won't smile! by jennystokes


Surprise! I'm Cute! by TeaPhotography
andCoastal Poppy Magic by TeaPhotography
and I'm Okay, I Was Born This Way by TeaPhotography

Yes You Darling by TeaPhotography Kindness Emanates by TeaPhotography
Ode to The Good Listener by TeaPhotography
Dance Like No One is Watching by TeaPhotography
Reflection at Day's End by TeaPhotographyStars of The Sea in Aqua Marine by TeaPhotography


Thank you by SaraPereiraArt

 Touch of pink by SaraPereiraArt  Vision of love by SaraPereiraArt 
A espuma... by SaraPereiraArt


hello by 1001G

Happy Happy Birthday Mr. Woodsman by 1001G  Happy Birthday Gigi by 1001G  Happy Birthday Bianca by 1001G

Make your own path by 1001G


SECLUSION... by chryssalis

and UNDER MY SKIN... by chryssalis

   DEEP ROOTS.. by chryssalis  DOMESTIC STRANGER (edit) by chryssalis 
TEACH ME MORE... by chryssalis
MIND CONTROL.. by chryssalis


Schutzengel by BlueAnomiS

O P E N _ Y O U R _ H E A R T by BlueAnomiS  One.Happy.Day by BlueAnomiS

 Make_A_Wish by BlueAnomiS


Black Crow by blueMALOU
and Flowers and trees by the sea by blueMALOU
and Seagull on calm sea by blueMALOU

Close up Seagull800 by blueMALOU Lady Beetle7 by blueMALOU
Sea of dawn by blueMALOU Shadow of the Seagulls by blueMALOU
  Eyes closed Head floating stage by blueMALOU  Blue sea shadow tunnel by blueMALOU


THANKYOU FOR THE POINTS!! by kakashi-narutorules

Fractal Swirl by kakashi-narutorules Flourish of Green Swirls by kakashi-narutorules
Happy Birthday Deidara!! by kakashi-narutorules
Blossom Yet Again by kakashi-narutorules


For JocelynR from his cat pic... by vfrrich

. by vfrrich  . by vfrrich 
. by vfrrich
. by vfrrich


Breakfast time by DanaAnderson

Pink Tenderness by DanaAnderson Lonely by DanaAnderson
Red and White by DanaAnderson
Rainbow Cat by DanaAnderson


Be My Valentine by Twins72-Stocks 

Free Fantasy Back-3 by Twins72-Stocks Into green by Twins72-Stocks 
150-Twins72-Stocks by Twins72-Stocks


For Jocelyne by Florhalie

and For JocelyneR by Florhalie

22M14c by Florhalie 22m14 by Florhalie
Jumping Fish by Florhalie
Pyraspheres by Florhalie
 Martina by Florhalie  For Isa by Florhalie


Two Friends by philippeL

The Fog Winding Down by philippeL Descent on the Jade Planet by philippeL
Japanese Bond Girl by philippeL

The Eyes of the Stalker by philippeL


Unread Letter by Sisterslaughter165

 Summer Memories by Sisterslaughter165  For Nataly and Ewa by Sisterslaughter165
 A Dream of Flying by Sisterslaughter165 
Murka by Sisterslaughter165

The Bride by LindArtz

True Love by LindArtz  
 Once in a blue Moon by LindArtz
One of those Days by LindArtz


:bulletgreen: This part is consecrated to people who have kindly
featured one or more of my photos and/or have helped me in a way
or another. I thank each of you so very much! :bulletgreen:

The persons featured appear in chronological order.

Featured Artists


Soft Scent of Spring... by Tigles1Artistry The Warmth of Nature by Tigles1Artistry
Happy Birthday Isa by Tigles1Artistry
WANDERING FURTHER.... by Tigles1Artistry
WOMAN WONDERINGS.... by Tigles1Artistry


Sunset for Blue - Study of a Sunset ~ Pastels by ArtBYbeverly


137. Cosmic inspirations - Milky way by Erozja 94. Fairy of frost 2 by Erozja 
155. Warrior women - Celtic by Erozja
 119. Wind angel by Erozja 93. Ladies portraits - Lavende by Erozja


Magic moment by awesome43 
Awakening by awesome43


Ametist by VasiDgallery Woman by VasiDgallery
A touch of blue by VasiDgallery
Snow kitty by VasiDgallery


Ravens' Grief by KarinClaessonArt  Wall Of Conquest by KarinClaessonArt


Kitten Eyes by ElyneNoir




Eagle Profile by philippeL   Suspicious by philippeL
Defying Winter by philippeL


World Cat Day 2013 by poserfan


The Hue Of You by Trippy4U
Cobwebs In My Head by Trippy4U
 A Forgotten Future by Trippy4U Another Way Out by Trippy4U
  Opposites Do Attract by Trippy4U


The Fountain of Life by LaraBLN


Redwinged blackbird female by gigi50
Fall frost by gigi50 March 1-7 Birthdays by gigi50
Long time ago by gigi50


t h o u g h t by creativemikey 
Texture Coated by creativemikey


Saturday in March by XanaduPhotography



   photo of Bercik, by panna-poziomka  i want spring! by panna-poziomka

  t o g e t h e r by panna-poziomka lake+sunset+duck family= by panna-poziomka


Value. by cookielover17


Sparkly---AWC-27 by marthig Under-Cover---AWC-20---GrandJulian3D by marthig
Miro-fractalized-AWC-23 by marthig
Twins - AWC Nbr 15 by marthig 


colourful autumn by Ingelore


Passerby by pagan-live-style  Seeside sparrow. by pagan-live-style

 Finally a bit of summer by pagan-live-style  Surreal spring lightning II by pagan-live-style


Winter Songbirds by mk-kayem


Covering All Approaches by Corvidae65

A Stormy Night by Corvidae65



Birthday Girl..sss by Aussie-Blonde

Adorable by Aussie-Blonde


You Mean to Tell Me I'm adopted!? by CRGPhotography

 Existance by CRGPhotography SS: Midnight Beauty by CRGPhotography


Smell of Spring by XanaduPhotography


Kleiner Fuchs - for Tea by Miarath

Blick zum Stadtpark - view to our citypark by Miarath


Red, Red Rose by Heidi-V-Art


Out of the gloom by pjenz  when you need a hand ........................... by pjenz

 my vinca 4 by pjenz


A friend in the wild by ZeeShiKing

Thank-you by KmyGraphic

Flower by Florhalie

To be continued...

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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 20, 2014, 12:46 AM



:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:

:star: BIRTHDAY GIFTS 03 :star:


My birthday has been an unforgettable day due to my wonderful Watchers and Friends here, on DA. So many kind wishes, not to talk about the awesome Birthday gifts, the amazing features, even cakes and points!
A heartfelt and grateful thank you to each of you who have greatly enhanced this special day and who have contributed to made it a happy and joyful one! I LOVE you all! :heart:

The meaning of this feature is to show up the superb gifts  and special thoughts I have received and to feature some works from these awesome artists. This is Part Three, the last one. I have been really spoiled, a big and warm thank you so very much to each of you!  :tighthug:

In chronological order:


Seize a Nice Day by Mr-Ripley

Screaming Lord Byron by Mr-Ripley   Cat Away by Mr-Ripley  

Romantic Night on a Hill by Mr-Ripley   Thomas Ripley by Mr-Ripley


Happy Birthday!12 by MDDahl

Happy Birthday!!!24 by MDDahl   Happy Birthday!!!23 by MDDahl 

 Embrace by MDDahl   Happy fall3 by MDDahl





summer memories by Ingelore

January rose by Ingelore   leftover by Ingelore 

 mist-erious by Ingelore   North Sea sunset by Ingelore


Growin' up... by NB-Photo

I love to take a bath by NB-Photo   Five Zebras by NB-Photo 

 Pink pelicans by NB-Photo   Morning glory by NB-Photo


Happy Birthday Jocelyne... by Tigles1Artistry

Happy Birthday Shlomit... by Tigles1Artistry   Amazing Climatic Changes..... by Tigles1Artistry 

 A Colourful Winter Scene.... by Tigles1Artistry   Thoughts Along The Path.... by Tigles1Artistry


A Flower for the Lady by Aussie-Blonde

Miss Holley on the Couch by Aussie-Blonde   Loving Boy by Aussie-Blonde 

 Birthday for Caner by Aussie-Blonde   Two Of Me by Aussie-Blonde


Color Of Love  DSC 0149 by BiBiARTs

Panthera Pardus Melas  D71-3789 by BiBiARTs   For You D71-0462 by BiBiARTs 

 Alone And Confused by BiBiARTs   Abyss by BiBiARTs


Listen to your heart by SaraPereiraArt

One and Only by SaraPereiraArt   Sweet Feathers by SaraPereiraArt 

 Perfect match by SaraPereiraArt   Old path by SaraPereiraArt


The softness of a rose... by WhiteBook

Unique by WhiteBook   Like a Dream by WhiteBook 

 The Shadows between the Light by WhiteBook   The Paradise Inside Me... by WhiteBook  


Astrantia major (Big Star Shield) by CaryAndFrankArts

Blackbird by CaryAndFrankArts   Diamond Rose (Moschatahybride) by CaryAndFrankArts 

 A Serenade Especially for You, My Love by CaryAndFrankArts   The Bookman by CaryAndFrankArts


B-day cupcake - Pink dream by Erozja

143. Cosmic inspirations - Mousse by Erozja   147. Xmas - Awaited morning by Erozja 

 151. Exentric - Disco by Erozja   150. Mermaid princess - Plankton by Erozja


V05 by JACAC

Boat II by JACAC    Postcard from Madrid 08 by JACAC 

 Postcard from Madrid 06 by JACAC   Postcard from NY 03 by JACAC


The beautiful Bride by Jassy2012


   Alaina - for my best Friends by Jassy2012


Autumn Love by LaraBLN

Solitude by LaraBLN   Autumn of Silver and Gold by LaraBLN 

 Metal City by LaraBLN   Il Mondo delle Sfere by LaraBLN


And Many More Wishes to Come by TeaPhotography  AND

As Brave As Possible by TeaPhotography

Ready to be Yours by TeaPhotography   Season of the Kitten by TeaPhotography 

 Soulful and Tender by TeaPhotography   Begin Anew by TeaPhotography 

 Hope by TeaPhotography   Angelic by TeaPhotography

:heart: SPECIAL THOUGHTS :heart:


Complex wildflower by Taures-15   Beautiful Sky (Iowa USA) by Taures-15


Bald Eagle by philippeL   Blade Runner - Rachael by philippeL




Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by PaolaCamberti   Pretty in pink by PaolaCamberti


Who Are You.. by KarinClaessonArt   Arabian Nights by KarinClaessonArt


ID by NB-Photo   City of porcelain by NB-Photo




Frozen In Time by sesam-is-open   Under Lucky Stars by sesam-is-open


Shouting by Yoonett   A vase of Pink by Yoonett






Untitled by MeeMsT   Relax by MeeMsT


Wolf Puppies by BiBiARTs   Autumn by BiBiARTs


Emma Stone by subhankar-biswas     Bela by subhankar-biswas

Thank-you by KmyGraphic

:iconbeautifulheartplz:    :iconredroseplz: :iconbeautifulheartplz:

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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 9, 2013, 8:56 PM


:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:

:star: BIRTHDAY GIFTS 02 :star:


My birthday has been an unforgettable day due to my wonderful Watchers and Friends here, on DA. So many kind wishes, not to talk about the awesome Birthday gifts, the amazing features, even cakes and points!
A heartfelt and grateful thank you to each of you who have greatly enhanced this special day and who have contributed to made it a happy and joyful one! I LOVE you all! :heart:

The meaning of this feature is to show up the superb gifts  and special thoughts I have received and to feature some works from these awesome artists. This is Part Two, there will be Part Three - hopefully before the end of the year. I will certainly not forget anybody, I have been really spoiled, thank you so very much again to each of you!  :tighthug:

In chronological order:


The Three Little Chipmunks That Live In A Shoe by MataHari22

   Serenely Summer by MataHari22   into The Blue by MataHari22

   Hot Summer Night by MataHari22    Phone Home by MataHari22


   <da:thumb id="404734821"/>

   <da:thumb id="411515455"/>         


HappyBDay Jocelyne by KmyGraphic  AND
LOVE Jocelyne by KmyGraphic

Smell the flowers by KmyGraphic    White Kitty by KmyGraphic

Dahlias by KmyGraphic   Mushrooms by KmyGraphic

Waterfall by KmyGraphic   For You by KmyGraphic


. by vfrrich

. by vfrrich   . by vfrrich

. by vfrrich      . by vfrrich


Happy Bird Day Tweety by Nefarious069

Simply Irresistible by Nefarious069   Day to Day by Nefarious069

Afterglow by Nefarious069   A Walk In The Park by Nefarious069


Cute Lil Kitty by philippeL

   Rhino by philippeL   DUNE: Sandworm Rising by philippeL

A Child Portrait 3 by philippeL     Watercolor Chipmunk by philippeL


Refreshing Rain for November Birthday Friends by MayEbony

You Feeling Lucky, Punk? by MayEbony

There's A Right Way... for Ingeline by MayEbony   Sunny Bee for Toni by MayEbony


HUNGRY by ArthurRamsey  <da:thumb id="381074665"/>

A Wet Cement Pool Party by ArthurRamsey  


Two Little Squirrels by saperlipop

The Voyagers by saperlipop  Fireflies by saperlipop

A Rose For Selina by saperlipop    A Mandolin for Chris by saperlipop


Jocelyne by LewiARTs

Evening Light by LewiARTs   Lovely Autumn by LewiARTs

Field Of Poppies by LewiARTs  Catwalk by LewiARTs


anjer still flowering by marob0501

full house by marob0501  big brown shoe by marob0501

nice bridge by marob0501    nostalgic Leiden by marob0501


quirk by funkichkn

contribution by funkichkn  game of chess by funkichkn

autumn inspiration by funkichkn   Deviant by funkichkn


For Jocelyne by PridesCrossing

Baby Flycatchers by PridesCrossing     Spring 2013 7 by PridesCrossing

Landscape stock 10 by PridesCrossing    She Captured His Heart by PridesCrossing


Awakening X-Ebredes X by ladyjudina

Forest Fairy 2 - Erdo tunder 2 by ladyjudina

Around the old house_A regi haz korul by ladyjudina   The road - Az ut by ladyjudina


Pink Rosebuds by MissSpocks

Guard Kitten Reporting For Duty by MissSpocks  My Princess by MissSpocks

Overjoyed by MissSpocks   Happy Birthday Emily 2012 by MissSpocks


Happy Birthday Jocelyne by gigi50  AND

Sweet Birthday Wishes by gigi50

Feed me Mama by gigi50   Redwinged blackbird female by gigi50

Fall frost by gigi50   Frost Trees And Ferns by gigi50

Long time ago by gigi50  Fall scene at ski hill by gigi50


Portrait of Egyptian vulture by Momotte2

Do you think I'm pretty cute ? by Momotte2   Fluffy Kookaburra by Momotte2

Passion flower butterfly for birthday by Momotte2  Mountain 77 - lake by Momotte2stocks


Autumn Rose by jankolas

Curious kittens by jankolas  Pelargonium by jankolas

Marilyn and Kyle by jankolas      Gannicus by jankolas


My Spot by wingsofdragons

Full BLoom... by wingsofdragons  Flowing Colors by wingsofdragons 

sunny Corner by wingsofdragons     Welcome To NYC by wingsofdragons 


Romantic Spot by XanaduPhotography

A bunch of ugly ducklings by XanaduPhotography   Too close for your camera by XanaduPhotography 

Never ending romance by XanaduPhotography   Definition of view by XanaduPhotography


The Power of Silence by BrightStar2

  Happiness Is Something We Create by BrightStar2  Avalon by BrightStar2

 Integrity is Forever by BrightStar2    Your As Precious As Gold by BrightStar2 


For Jocelyne by Sisterslaughter165

Boats by Sisterslaughter165   Nymphe by Sisterslaughter165

 Mirror by Sisterslaughter165    Rosalie by Sisterslaughter165


Happy Birthday Jo! by SayuriMVRomei

  warm smile by SayuriMVRomei  Happy Birthday Teresa! by SayuriMVRomei

  Christmas Blues by SayuriMVRomei   October - black version by SayuriMVRomei


journal =…

Just opening by VasiDgallery    Warm glowing by VasiDgallery

  Hello September ! by VasiDgallery    My curious cat by VasiDgallery


poll =…

Five In Five V by Trippy4U   A Sea Breeze by Trippy4U

   Another Day Gone To Rain by Trippy4U

Before The Fall by Trippy4U


:iconbeautifulheartplz:    :iconredroseplz: :iconbeautifulheartplz:

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 13, 2013, 12:52 AM


:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:


:heart: In the past months prior to my birthday, I have received thoughtful gifts from kind friends and watchers. I want to thank each of them for their heartfelt gesture and show some of their beautiful works. Thank you kindly! :heart: :love:


aiko by subhankar-biswas

yuki by subhankar-biswas  TFF3 - Sleek by subhankar-biswas  

Mature Content

perfect balance by subhankar-biswas
  sweet surprise by subhankar-biswas


Diva by VasiDgallery

Simplicity by VasiDgallery  A leaf... by VasiDgallery  Where the streets have no name by VasiDgallery  Autumn cat by VasiDgallery


 Love, Joy and Friendship Entry by FractalBee

Birthday Present for Tea by FractalBee  Stand By Me by FractalBee  Lady Of The Woods - Mighty Keeper Of Nature by FractalBee


Midnight Muse by TeaPhotography

Tough as Nails by TeaPhotography  Nikki the Perfect Little Guest by TeaPhotography  Whispering Words by TeaPhotography  Wonderful World by TeaPhotography


Caroline - little gift for my friends by Jassy2012 

Like a Dream - Birthday Gift for Judina by Jassy2012   <da:thumb id="409454790"/>  The Flower Lady by Jassy2012


My Gift to You by WalkinginDreamlight

Mechanical Suns by WalkinginDreamlight   Happiness by WalkinginDreamlight  Silent Ambience by WalkinginDreamlight


Jocelyne's Iris by KmyGraphic

LIVE what you LOVE by KmyGraphic  TEA Doll by KmyGraphic  Rosa* by KmyGraphic  Dahlia by KmyGraphic

:star: BIRTHDAY GIFTS 01 :star:


My birthday has been an unforgettable day due to my wonderful Watchers and Friends here, on DA. So many kind wishes, not to talk about the awesome Birthday gifts, the amazing features, even cakes and points!
A heartfelt and grateful thank you to each of you who have greatly enhanced this special day and who have contributed to made it a happy and joyful one! I LOVE you all! :heart:

The meaning of this feature is to show up the superb gifts  and special thoughts I have received and to feature some works from these awesome artists. This is Part One, there will be Part Two and Part Three in a near future - not too near though, I want to keep on my profile page each of these special journals for about seven to ten days. I will certainly not forget anybody, I have been really spoiled, thank you so very much again to each of you!  :tighthug:

In chronological order:


  <da:thumb id="409562854"/>  <da:thumb id="392400375"/>  <da:thumb id="411780162"/>


The Many Faces of Nature by creativemikey

Unforgettable by creativemikey  Shine Like It Does by creativemikey  Beach Dream by creativemikey


My Voice Of Reason  by HMissXX

No News... by HMissXX  Garden Princess collab. with Vulture by HMissXX  

Mature Content

If She Had  a Magic Carpet... by HMissXX
  Hello, Sweetie... by HMissXX


Treasure by coby01

Kyra by coby01  Love by coby01  Broken Hearts by coby01  Magical Forest by coby01


Gift 4 JocelyneR by yuukihanabusa

  Roses by yuukihanabusa  Request 6 by yuukihanabusa Oc Sakura by yuukihanabusa  Request 4 by yuukihanabusa

For Jocelyne by Florhalie

For patty by Florhalie  Fleur De Lumiere by Florhalie  Flogold by Florhalie  Umbrella by Florhalie


Happy Birthday - jocelyner by PaMonk

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Video =

Magic of Paradise VIII by Tigles1Artistry  Country Beauty in Violet by Tigles1Artistry  Zooming Into Autumn II by Tigles1Artistry  Sacred Land.... by Tigles1Artistry 


happy birthday Jocelyne - Video by hiaamir Video - Please, click on the image!

Dahlias - Spring by hiaamir  Happy Birthday Silena and Samima by hiaamir  Sunset Animatd by hiaamir  Happy Birthday Claire by hiaamir  


Garden of Fantasy 2013 by nudagimo

Catastrophe Philippines 2013 by nudagimo  Frozen Love 2013 by nudagimo  Ice Age 2013 by nudagimo


Happy birthday,Jocelyne by ShlomitMessica

Happy birthday, Heather by ShlomitMessica  Happy birthday Mihaela by ShlomitMessica  Green fields by ShlomitMessica   Old museum by ShlomitMessica


Like a Spring morning by RezzanATAKOL

Flowers from my heaven by RezzanATAKOL  inner beauty by RezzanATAKOL  My Kittie by RezzanATAKOL


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Featuring my Watchers and Friends who have helped me in a way or another. Thank you so much to each of you! :love:

Featured Artists

Gifts and Dedications

:heart: Featuring the kind persons who have given me heartfelt gifts and dedications lately, thank you from the bottom of my heart. :heart:

Featured Artists

her dedications =
Abby, Our Foster Survivor by TeaPhotographyBrown Sugar Sweet by TeaPhotography
her works =
Soulful and Tender by TeaPhotographyReady to be Yours by TeaPhotographyRaining Light by TeaPhotography
El Tomatillo Misterioso by TeaPhotographyParadise Lost and Found by TeaPhotographyFriendship Rings by TeaPhotography

her dedication =
Tiny Sugar Baby by awesome43
her photos =
 Blue Beauty by awesome43Strawberry fields forever by awesome43California Coast. by awesome43
Fusion by awesome43

her gifts =
Nature... Just... Nature... by Tigles1Artistry  For Poupine.... by Tigles1Artistry
her works =
 Charming Nature II.... by Tigles1Artistry Happy Birthday Allie.... by Tigles1Artistry
A Farewell To Summertime II by Tigles1Artistry Happy Birthday Nadia.. by Tigles1Artistry   There is Always a Guiding Light Somewhere... by Tigles1ArtistryFLOWERS FROM THE COSMOS.... by Tigles1Artistry

her gifts =
   Jocelyne's Iris by KmyGraphic Marie by KmyGraphicClarice by KmyGraphicKitty by KmyGraphicChimpunk byJocelyne by KmyGraphic
her works =
Smell the flowers by KmyGraphic Hungry bird by KmyGraphic
Mushrooms by KmyGraphicFlower of the night-harlequin by KmyGraphicIs a light somewhere by KmyGraphicCross on Caraiman mountains by KmyGraphic

her gift =
Taking care of Friends by LindArtz
her works
Enchanted by LindArtzGazing at the Stars by LindArtzButterfly Moon by LindArtzRomantic Breeze by LindArtz

her dedication =
Pink by Florhalie
her works =
Disillusionment of Atmosphere by FlorhalieJardin Extraordinaire by FlorhalieThe Land Of The Rainbow by FlorhalieSweet like a dream by Florhalie

his gift =
For You, From Me by Trippy4U
his photos =
All Aboard, Next Stop... by Trippy4UBuckets Full Of Love by Trippy4UDissented by Trippy4U
Softball V by Trippy4U

her dedication =

Miss Gizzy by SalemCat
her works =
Miss Gizzy 2 by SalemCat The Lonely Gull by SalemCatOne Last Lullaby by SalemCat The Nether Realm by SalemCat

her gift =
Purple Bicycle by Canankk
her works =
Visitor I by CanankkCrowd Trouble by CanankkMy Beautiful City by Canankk

Mature Content

Double Life of Veronique by Canankk

his dedication =
<da:thumb id="397394448"/>
his works =
<da:thumb id="397422726"/><da:thumb id="396956029"/><da:thumb id="398736102"/><da:thumb id="398903941"/>



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:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:

Featuring my Watchers and Friends who have helped me in a way or another. Thank you so much to each of you! :love:

Featured Artists

Gifts and Dedications

:heart: Featuring the kind persons who have given me heartfelt gifts and dedications lately, thank you from the bottom of my heart. :heart:

Featured Artists

Poupi-eyes by essencestudios  = her gift
  tiny tiger by essencestudiostinycat13 by essencestudiossolstice by essencestudioscentral by essencestudios

A New Beginning by Lior-Art  = his gift
The King by Lior-ArtSpring Is Here by Lior-ArtTogether by Lior-ArtAngel Redeemer by Lior-Art

Hello Poupine by Tigles1Artistry  = her gift
Hand In Hand..... by Tigles1ArtistryFriends...... by Tigles1ArtistryStone House in Penhas Douradas Serra de Estrela by Tigles1Artistry
The Sun Shines Finally... by Tigles1Artistry

Fascinated by TeaPhotography  = her gift
Let Your Light Shine by TeaPhotography
All Occasion Elegance by TeaPhotographyCover The Earth In Beauty... by TeaPhotographySummer Time Tea by TeaPhotography

Peekaboo by MadeByRona  = her gift
I'm watching you... by MadeByRonaThe hairdresser by MadeByRona
Early morning flight by MadeByRona

TROUT LILY FOR JOCELYNE by Sugaree-33  = her dedication
DEDI FOR TODAY'S GENTLEMAN by Sugaree-33FOR ALL THOSE PURE AT HEART by Sugaree-33Beautiful People by Sugaree-33The Midnight Rider by Sugaree-33

ONE MUST STICK TO THE STORY.. by chryssalis  = her dedication
COMPANIONSHIP... by chryssalis
TRAPPED IN A NIGHTMARE.. by chryssalisS E R E N I T Y by chryssalis

Mature Content

THE SECOND KISS.. by chryssalis

Piccolo by TeaPhotography  = her dedication
A Wee Bit Busy Here by TeaPhotographyAlways Smiling by TeaPhotographyHooked on Friendship by TeaPhotography
Sensations of The Soul by TeaPhotography

:thumb279734985:  = her dedication

Busteni by Marmotica  = her gift
Pufi by MarmoticaTrandafiri by MarmoticaCarpati by Marmotica
Cetatuia by Marmotica

SPICE by VasiDgallery  = her gift
Prafuiti ( dusty puppies ) by VasiDgalleryChicory by VasiDgalleryDangerous by VasiDgalleryBlue heart by VasiDgallery

A Chipmunk for Jocelyne by saperlipop = her gift
A Rose For Selina by saperlipopCranes and Berries by saperlipop
Think twice... by saperlipopSnow White on Holiday by saperlipop

Hello My Friends by hiaamir  = his dedication
Pakistan Beauty by hiaamirDahlias - Spring by hiaamirHunza Valley - Ata Baad Lake - Pakistan by hiaamir
Flowers by hiaamir

for jocelyner byLivDrummer by livdrummer  = her dedication
My Dream Kitty Nugget by livdrummer
Bartimus the Lab by livdrummerPretty Dead Something by livdrummerAcadia National Park, Maine, USA by livdrummer

Resting Cat_Gift For jocelyner by PaMonk  = her gift
:thumb377221690:Rainbow-Abstract by PaMonk:thumb380239646::thumb377149534:

Chipmunk byJocelyneR by KmyGraphic  = her animated gift
chicory by KmyGraphic
Blue by KmyGraphicBlue by KmyGraphicMauve by KmyGraphic

Alaina - for my best Friends by Jassy2012  = her didication
Haunted House by Jassy2012Sit and Wait by Jassy2012Challenge Dark Sin - my Entry by Jassy2012



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:sun: :rose: :sun: :rose: :sun:

Featuring my Watchers and Friends who have helped me in a way or another. Thank you so much to each of you! :love:

Featured Artists




Soft Purple by PhotElle

Fragile pink by imonlineAutumn Colours II by imonlineWhere have all the children gone... by imonline

MOONGLEAMS.. by chryssalis